Every Story’s Blueprint

There are no new stories, only retellings of the same overarching outline of History. Some can attain high levels of creativity in the journey of this retelling using art, words, pictures and even music; but at the end it is always the same. We begin in paradise, fall into darkness, conceive a promise in our hearts that with faith (wether in a natural or supernatural course of action) can restore  us to that initial Eden. There is always a war, one between darkness and light where even in the deepest abyss we cannot help but see an ember of hope somewhere in the center. This is how we are designed, we cannot fathom another story, another end. Our brains are incapable of conceiving anything other than the rhythm of good overtaking evil. Any attempt at bestowing the victory on the shoulders of the vile creature that is darkness results in the short circuiting of the universe’ energy. This ending is simply not compatible with the basic biology of the human soul. He always wins. 

This incoming year, you will flip the page, you will read the words inscribed centuries ago and you will find nothing new. You will find yourself in trouble, in joy, in pain, in delight. You will find yourself helpless, unable, empowered, courageous. You will see that in ALL these situations you are not alone. You will find at the end what you found at the beginning- He was, is, and always will be the hero, the enabler and the only true God who can save you. 

This is one more rendition of this story I have written to close out the year and begin the new one.

* Order of reading- 1: top left 2: top right 3: Center middle

** Open full picture for better visibility, I posted it as a picture to keep the format which is important to the piece-


Art by Sr Grace Remington 

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