A Plant’s Power

Worship is in the will of the whole world

Creation is marveled by so many

Convincing their hearts that it can give life

Fruit can nourish, but not outside the vine

Power was claimed by Pontius Pilate but

Plants point to the provider of their power

Christ is the vine that provides us the fruit

But the ripeness of the heart convinces

There’s one that IS without being created

Few yield to the one worthy of worship



Herbs do not in themselves contain any medicinal power, God gives it to them. Pilate believed that he had authority over the life of Jesus but as Jesus told him, he had no authority apart from what God gave him! There is a deep need of redemption in the realm of herbalism. Instead of worshipping the God who empowers plants to do what they do many worship the plants themselves! Plants point us to Jesus, they point to His creativeness, His goodness and HIS healing. What about poisonous plants? They too point to God’s sovereign plan but in a different way. They point to the fallen-ness of creation and its future redemption, they reveal that Genesis is true. The earth is filled with remnants of God’s original good creation, with glimpses of the earth’s perfect renewal along with the deep scar of human sin. While plants do not have the same kind of consciousness as humans or animals do, we can conclude that they, and the rest of creation (bodies of waters, the heavens, the planets) do have a special ability to hear their Creator and know that He is in control of the redemption of the whole planet. Creation rejoices and aches as we do, consider the following. Psalm 96 paints a picture of heavens being glad and the forest singing for joy because He is going to return! On the other hand, Roman’s 8 highlights how creation groans in pain as it waits for the redemption of our bodies. Creation is much more than inanimate matter that’s sometimes beautiful; it respond’s to God’s call and commands like in Matthew 21 where Jesus spoke to a fig tree telling it that it will no longer produce fruit, it instantly withered. Clearly God has a special connection with creation (this includes animals too, not just plants) since after all, He is the creator. Despite all this, creation is just that, creation. Nothing is worthy of worship as is the Creator, no matter how beautiful, how powerful or how medicinal something is, its Creator will always be greater.



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