The Dandelion Gospel

Weed: “a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants” this is what a quick google search will bring up when you search the word “weed”. A weed is what the majority of people would describe a dandelion as, and taking the definition google gives, that may be true. Considering this, I’d like to change the way you view these bright yellow plants forever. Dandelions are like the gospel. They are pretty much everywhere, and the places they are not (if any) they WILL get to. Dandelions do not need pollinators, they’re nice to have but they are not needed because they can produce both male and female parts and reproduce by themselves. After that, the wind carries off their viable seeds and the rest is history. When Jesus ascended into heaven He commanded believers to go and make disciples of all the nations teaching them about His word. While this is our responsibility, God doesn’t really need us to preach the gospel. His word WILL get to the ends of the earth whether it be through us or through other means. Nature is one of God’s biggest advocates; dreams and visions are also used by Him to speak to those in very secluded or hostile areas. He can use anything, a book, a conversation, a thought. God only needs himself to get the job done.

Christ will reach those He has called whether we obey Him or not. He will touch everyone’s life one way or another even if they don’t want him to. Even if they do everything in their power to get rid of Him, He will ALWAYS be there. Anyone who has worked in landscaping or gardening know that the war on dandelions really isn’t a war, dandelions are clearly here to stay no matter what we do. At this point it’s just a matter of trying to control them and keep them out of our lawns and gardens. But many know the frustration that even after applying weed killer or pulling them out by the roots, its only a matter of time that their shining yellow heads will be smiling back at us. They are relentless, making an appearance over and over and over again. They can grow in pretty much any quality soil, through sidewalk cracks, in nutritious gardens and deserted wastelands, they are one resilient plant. Just like that, no matter what quality life we live, no matter what situation we go through, we can be sure that the Lord will ALWAYS be there, we may not see Him immediately, but in his timing, His light will break through the ground we are walking on. His light will shine in the lives of all people, even if those people repeatedly reject Him and attempt to destroy or ignore His word. Throughout history there has been many times that people have tried to obliterate the Bible and silence every idea having to do with God but like with dandelions, it really is a war already lost. His love will always persevere and pierce the hearts of men.

OK, so dandelions can remind us of God’s presence and perseverance, I can think of that as I put an end to them in my garden right?  Sure but I would encourage you to make them part of your garden! What a lot of people don’t know is that dandelions are actually incredibly nutritious and full of medicinal properties. Dandelions are exceedingly more nutritious than spinach and many other leafy greens. They contain vitamins A, B, C and K calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and many more nourishing and healing constituents. Dandelion is known by herbalists to be a blood purifier, liver tonic, excellent for digestion and many other things. Their roots contain a constituent called inulin which is a pre-biotic that helps to keep gut microorganisms healthy and even stabilize blood sugar! Yes, I was shocked too and the more I learn about them, the further up they move on my list of favorite herbs (they may have already hit number one actually). Dandelions are nutritious and healing to the body, God’s word is healing and nutritious to the soul. All He has to offer is readily available to EVERYONE, and in great ABUNDANCE. His goodness is always within reach, it comes when we least expect it and in forms that we would have never thought of. Do not mistake God’s blessings for weeds! A lot of times we make our life plans, we have our garden drawn out for the summer and then suddenly, we are invaded by these dandelions! We don’t know how to deal with interrupted plans other than trying to remove the intruders and continue on with our plans. Yet many times, those weeds in our lives, those unwelcomed visitors in the garden are actually some of God’s greatest gifts to us! We need only to change our perspective.

-Danae Garriga



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